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Hey! I'm Simo! 

I'm the guy behind That Life Clothing!

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Quick version - That Life Clothing (“That Life”) is an art based clothing brand based in the UK. Our ethos is creating cool designs, having fun and sharing a positive attitude. That Life. Live It. 
(Super) Long Version
That Life first came about after walking the Camino de Santiago in March 2014.
I guess the thought process started back in January 2013, I was creating tie dye clothing and selling it online and eventually I also sold it in a store. I used to up cycle the clothing and really enjoyed the process of creating something new for someone to enjoy.
That summer I graduated from University and realised my degree wasn’t what I wanted to pursue in life.
So in the winter I travelled to Malaga, in Spain where I worked in a hostel for a month, I met many travellers in this time and many of them had come straight from completing the Camino de Santiago*. The stories inspired me to walk it myself. 
*If you don’t know what the Camino de Santiago is, you’re missing out and i would suggest you google it :)
In March 2014, my friend Ed and myself tackled the 500 plus mile walk over the Pyrenees and through the whole North of Spain. I will write a book on our journey one day. Anyway as you can imagine one of the many reasons I pursued this walk was because I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.
By the end of the walk and after many hours walking alone, I decided I will travel the world and create a clothing brand.
I didn’t waste anytime, so in April 2014 That Life was born. 
The ethos behind That Life has always been the same. Live the life you want to live on your terms and have fun.
Throughout the years the brand has changed a bit from our original, I guess looking back now scary skull logo to the text logo we have today.  
 A lot of the designs are based around where I am living at that present moment. I have lived around Europe, New Zealand and Australia so if you’ve been following a while you will have seen the art ideas and direction shift. I tend to always go back to the traditional tattoo style  roots at the core of the designs. Some of my designs I commission artists with the help of my ideas to create something and bring it to life.
One thing I’m proud of with That Life, is raising lots of money for charity each year thanks to the customers buying the brand. I will create t-shirts throughout the year and donate 50%+ profits to different charities which I feel need support in that time.
Now you know a little about the brand, I will introduce myself. I’m Simo ! At the moment there’s just me who runs everything. I came back to the UK for a stag do in March 2020 as I was living in Sydney and got stuck here. I thought by July I’d be back in Sydney but soon realised it wouldn’t be the case. So since June 2020 I decided to go full-time with the brand and its gone strength to strength and the business has grown rapidly.
 I hope you become part of the That Life community.
I was interviewed by Blog Preston in December 2021 and they posted the article you can read that here -