Collection: Bizzo Bond X That Life: Battle Mode

Bizzo Bond is a Music Artist from Preston, Lancashire in the United Kingdom and is best known for his alternative style of Rap/R&B music. With life experiences the fuel to his fire, Bizzo combines his storytelling abilities with the natural talent of expressing raw emotion; to really connect with the listener and their own hurdles in which they have either overcome or still struggle with today. With thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, he has been able to tap into his memories on a deeper level, and enable them to be brought to a creative light with more focus, time and energy being spent on his underlying ambition to be a Recording Artist. Bizzo is also a regular within the UK Rap Battle scene, appearing on Premier Battles and Don’t Flop with large ambitions to solidify his name within the community.  


“The “Bizzo Bond x That Life” design shown is a mixture of personal emotions and overcome experiences represented in a selection of images. The main focus of the design is “Resurgence” predominantly linked with the Phoenix, to show a change of lifestyle and focus in order to push and achieve the true goals set within my life. Included is a Gladiator helmet, to represent battle. Linked with the Rap Battle aspect of my Musical ambitions, along with the need to fight within our lives. Finally, a rose, to signify the end goal of finally receiving the flowers due for my contributions to my environment.” 

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